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They were in wrong place at the right time.

Harlowe and Lucas have come a long way from the two small kids that were inseparable. Growing apart and finding their own way, they had to learn how to be alone. Harlowe grew up with an absent mother. Lucas is always reminding his parents he’s still their son.

One rough night during a walk home, Harlowe has an unlucky collision with Lucas. She’s then sentenced to face him every day as the ultimate punishment.

With Harlowe giving Lucas a daily dose of the person he misses most, there is no stopping Lucas from keeping her close this time.

Harlowe can’t admit that each passing moment together is bringing them closer again or that the whisper of once was is tugging at her resolve.

But will the burning touches and shivering looks be enough this time? Or will their past and their present collide keeping them from ever truly being together?

Come join Harlowe and Lucas at their second chance at love!