Fix Your Crown Anthology

Pre-Order Fix Your Crown and receive a FREE 58 page coloring book + 7 FREE Bonus stories while helping women with breast cancer fix their crowns. For less than a dollar you can receive a total of 22 stories.

13 Authors. 13 Women. 13 FIERCE Heroines.

Fix Your Crown is a collection of 13 stories about bold Heroines who will not be stopped.

With each purchase, we are donating 100% of the royalty to a charity that will empower women to fix their crowns.

Participating Authors:
Alexi Ferreira
Amanda Shelley
Angela Sanders
Barb Shuler
Brittany Tarkington
Callie Rae
E.K. Woodcock
Jade Bay
Jami Denise
Jo Richardson
Ruby Wolff
Sofia Aves
Tanya Nellestein

Purchase here for 99 pennies:

100% of the royalties will be donated to a charity that will empower women with breast cancer to fix their crowns.

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